OVERDOZE ”Supreme Dosage”

Self Released Album -2015 – Finland

OVERDOZE are from Finland. After three demos they released in November 2015 their first full-length cd “Supreme Dosage“ in in-house production.
OVERDOZE celebrate Old School Thrash Metal. Fresh and zappy with the necessary self-assertion provided songs which thrill the listener. The diversified, swirling riffs which ensure that doesn’t emerges boredom or even stagnation. In combination with the expressive drumming develop fresh, thrilling songs which have the necessary punch. Screaming guitar solis now and then interspersed relax the aggressive atmosphere a bit without sounding too soft. In spite of the relatively high speed there are nevertheless several variations which liven the music and put it forwards. Delightful simple and full of hate OVERDOZE present with “Supreme Dosage“ no sensational news. Nevertheless they know how to delight the sympathetic Thrash Metal fan with much sweat, blood and tears and with richness in variety. A through and through successful debut which I can only recommend. Who likes Thrash Metal can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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