Lunacy – Blood ft. Amira Gaafar (Ai Video)

"From upcoming debut lp called "Disconnection". A lyrical subject lost in the hypocrisy of the world around him."

Lunacy/Obłęd/Niepoczytalność … shortly… the state of being a lunatic; insanity … That’s who we are ….. The idea was born in 2017 when we decided to close the HORNAD project. Three people remained from the old crew: Piotr “HORNADGit” Dobrowolski, Leszek Gołuński and Michał “Opos” Skolimowski. At that time we created an ep with three songs self-titled Lunacy, recorded at home, mastered and mixed by Adam Muszyński. Unfortunately, because there was no possibility to work on the rest of the stuff, work was frozen for about two years, so now we are starting once again… that is why we are calling the upcoming ep “COLD REBOOT”, because of all that situation that happened with us, with humanity… Because of all bullshit, we are forgetting what is really important. We are dying in the whole technology thing. We are like androids from the sci-fi books… Maybe we all need some “COLD REBOOT”… In the end, the LUNACY project is: “HornadGit” “El Gie” Kubas Alek Zoh Kamil “Nerw” Wierzbowski …

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