Lumberhead – Lumberhead

Independent Album  – 2019 – Germany 

Lumberhead is a band that I recently discovered from Leipzig, Germany. Although they released their first full length album in 2019, the members are not really new in metal scene.For example the guitarist Peter is already known as a former guitarist of the death metal band Bloodland.

We couldn’t really say that this is a death metal material, but the influences from extreme music roots are quite noticable from Rich’s unclean vocal style. It‘s also remarkable that they follow the footsteps of 90s metal with groovy guitar riffs and a very strong bass sound, sometimes like a new interpretation of Pantera style, obviously not a copycat though. The album consists of seven songs and one of them is an instrumental piece to give a break and relax with a glass of whiskey in between. Well, I think they always go well together, if you listen to a metal band that has stoner metal elements and it still feels like the 1990s.

On the cover of the album Lumberhead there are three objects at first sight, a tree with red leaves and a face which reminds me the Ents of the Lord of the Rings, an owl and a fox. That reflects the heavy and strong character of their music rather than 90s style (retro), which was kind of unexpected to see for me.

As far as I see from the live videos, they are pretty good on stage as well. I really hope to see those very talented guys live on stage sometime, after all this Corona-Chaos ends. If you are up for listening 90s way of metal with sludge/stoner attitude then Lumberhead is the right address, just check their webpage on Bandcamp.


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