Hi, kaosgod, there are not many bands like you around Lebanon,and so you are the first come at our ears,how did you start this story,Kaoteon?
I actually started the band late 90s after lots of attempts in making bands that never survived since I didn’t know how to play any instrument before so after that I tried members until I heard walid’s growl and it was clear that he was the best fit for the band at the time… the rest is history.

In the last years,we see that a huge rise from mid-east about metal music,so what the reason of this is???
Well, you might have heard about lebanese bands thru us as we were the first to break to that much of foreign countries but bands existed since a long time, you could check Exceed for a heavy metal reference.
Walid: I believe the main reason why the world started noticing mid-eastern, specially Arab bands, is because not till recently that we started working together and trying to get somewhere. One of the main supporters to that cause were Lelahel Metal’s staff lead by Redaoune.

We cant get your songs in a style of metal,sometimes it changes death metal,sometimes it changes thrash and so we feel that it turns black metal.I think you have a style problem.Dont you think that you work about only a style?
Ee play extreme music and we definitely are not narrowed down to one definite style since I have loads of influence, however I do not see that thrash that you mentioned in any of the songs.
Walid: True! Extreme metal it is and we did our best on our first demo not to narrow it down. However on the first demo the band was young and fresh, we didn’t have enough time to create a style of our own to represent the band’s true image, but I believe the upcoming full length will give everyone a clearer image.

Provenance of hatred is sold in different distros,what kind of reactions you have got?I am sure that many people who heard that you are from Lebonan,show some different reactions?
I personally still receive emails from people asking about the band and really like the shit we did, and of course people react differently when they know we are from lebanon, the first thing I hear is "Where the hell is Lebanon?" and I have the honor to educate these people.
Walid: Most people couldn’t believe that metal exists in Lebanon! But the best part was that the majority of the ppl, who are into any sub-gender of metal loved the demo.

I heard you have a staff problem,I saw in net site that u found a baterist from Canada,how did it happen?I think you are a conjectural band?
Conjectural!! heh anyway The local scene misses drummers that could play fast, steady, sick shit as 240 bpm and the rare good ones are taken so I am obliged to ask foreign drummers to record over the internet and that slows everything, that is if we find anyone worth dealing with.

Have you ever given some shows?what are they?
We gave 3 official shows so far! all are not worth mentioning since they got fucked by stupid organisers or the authorities.

Do u have any contact with a label out of your country which show interest to release your album?
There were a lot, that I would like to keep unmentioned, they offered us a deal but we couldn’t accept for personal/govermental problems.

Your lyrics is out of black metal concept.You have lyrics as public corruption,which included social lyrics and themas.Shortly can you explain the things that you support or not support?
In my lyrics I support puking upon corruption and degradation.

What are your future plans about Kaoteon?
Personally, Kaoteon is not something that would stop shortly, with all the difficulties that the country and the style itself or the members put, it makes me want to go more because this is how the band was created actually, this is what the band name is all about, and as much fucked as it may be, I will always do my best to compose some kaotik tunes and hopefully a new release should see the light late 2005.

Do you know or have you ever heard any bands from Turkey?
Yes I attended the Rock The Nation 2003 show in Istanbul (Kreator, Opeth, Dio…) and I got to see a couple of turkish bands ("Almora and other hardcore bands), but the ones I enjoyed most were Mezarkabul who have a wide spread international reputation, Cenotaph, and the thrashing Blaster.

Thanks for interview,please your last words
Turkey! I’m sure we’ll be on your stage one day and we’ll tear the ground apart! Respect to your crazy thrashers!
Anthony: Keep on producing good EXTRA STRONG BEER m/

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