INFEST ”Cold Blood War”

Xtreem Music – 2014 – Serbia

I must confess I’m not massively up on my Serbian death metal scene but having been active for thelast twelve years and now onto their fourth studio album I would imagine Infest, based in Jagodina, could be considered a pioneer of their countries scene. This year sees the band team up with Spanish label Xtreem Music for their fourth grisly offering, “Cold Blood War”. Now whilst Infest offer up an extremely fast and frantic opus of ravenous hostile death metal, played well and with a huge amount of power and force, what they don’t offer is diversity and whilst “Cold Blood War” isn’t a bad album by any stretch of the imagination, it certainly is one dimensional! Luckily it only lasts for half an hour and so doesn’t overly out stay its welcome but a touch of thought in the song writingdepartment is definitely in order. However if fast, brutal and rampant death metal is what you are after, look no further.


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