INFEST ”Cold Blood War”

INFEST are one of the primary rocks of the Serbian Death Metal. Already since 2002 on the road as a band they put in April 2014 their fourth full-length cd “Cold Blood War“ via Extreem Music on the market.
After a short intro which already implied that it doesn’t happen here peaceful the guys go immediately flat out. You can hear now here Death Metal in the style of VADER. Some Thrash Metal insertions make the production nevertheless independent and unmistakable. Here is definitely not unstinting in speed which gives “Cold Blood War“ a proper portion of self-assertion and energy. The very fast doubleblast drumming does one last thing yet in order to maintain hardness and aggressiveness the entire running time. INFEST are also here successful in almost perfectly implementing there affinity on the subjects war and destruction in all its facets. By the variable riffs develop all in all ten songs which are thrilling and sustainable. Variable riffs – Yes, INFEST can do it also different! In the middle of a song are also inserted melodic specles now and then. This shows one more the skills of each single band member. You can hear here with each note the seasoned musicians who exactly know what they want musically. Thereby is renounced of too much technical folderol in order to come straight to the target. Very professional recorded I can only recommend “Cold War Blood“ to each Death Metal fan!!!!


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