HUMAN INFECTION ”Curvatures in Time”

Blast Head Records -2014 -United States

Curvatures In Time album released February 2014 through Blasthead Records. Human Infection is Andrew Brown: Vocals, C.J. Giles: Drums, Hank James: Bass/Vocals, Andrew Mathews: Guitar
Death Metal from Roanoke, VA USA.
Ten songs that will have you enthralled with brutality. This is the bands second release and features the killer artwork of Mark Cooper on its cover. Dark and atmospheric intro sets the tone for an unsuspecting attack before hitting you with the track Celestial, heavy and devastating from the first riffs. Production quality is good, guitars sound intense and punchy, drums are well balanced and precise in their attack. Vocals are reminiscent of old Nile or Suffocation style but definitely have their own vibe happening. The song Devastation has a cool solo at around the 2:30 mark, very memorable and worth spinning several times. Bass lines are creative and give all the tracks a solid ground for mosh inducing passages. To top of the madness, the guitars do wicked solos on a few of the tracks like “In Vain” and “Decay Inheritance”. In conclusion, the music is crushing and recommended for fans of Brutal DM and Grind fans as well.


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