HUMAN INFECTION ”Curvatures in Time”

BlastHead Records -2014 -United States

HUMAN INFECTION are heard from again. Existing since 2009 the men released at the beginning of the year their already second cd “Curvatures In Time“ via Blast Head Records.
What does my ears hear here? Old School Death Metal at its best. Severe riffs which come straight to the point without ceremony or excursions into other musical realms. The gents thereby take no prisoners. In the upper mid tempo located songs which sparkling hate and unbridled energy. The now and then interpolated changes in speed make “Curvatures In Time“ energetic and diversified. Typical Death Metal riffs which are presented multi-variant and nevertheless genre typic give additionally hardness. The drumming give the main points. The dark growls of vocalist Andrew Brown yet round off the total package positively. Headbanging non-stop is here guaranteed. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend HUMAN INFECTION!!!!


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