HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR ”Consummatum Est” – 2010 – USA

I return to reviewing after our great mp3 promo supporter Metalhit.Com’s new product. Texas origined band, formed in 2006 has published their first full lenght album after their 2 EPs. I think it’s only in digital format as it is under label of Metalhit.Com, I don’t know when we can see it printed, or I don’t know if there will be any.

When I first listened to Hordes of the Morning Star, I thought the band is from somewhere in North Europe, because I didn’t expected this kind of music from the USA. About the music of the band, because of the blast-beat drums, there’s a little death metal impact, but songs are composed on a black metal substructure. Album has a quality sound, more than enough for this genre. If we compare band to the others, we might say band is like Belphegor or Dark Funeral, a little.

There are no ethnical interaction. Album could keep black metal’s modernised soul, and I suggest to those who love black metal this way. A classical album…


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