HOODED MANACE ”Gloom Immemorial”

Doomentia Records – 2014 -Finland

The Finns HOODED MENACE are no newcomer anymore. Already since 2007 founded they put in December 2014 their cd “Gloom Immemorial“ via Doomentia Records on the market. Here it is about a kind of compilation cd with all in all eleven songs of diverse split productions and cds (among other things with ASPHYX).
Old School Death Metal with a lot of Doom influences at its best. Halting, weighting tons riffs which bring along darkness and at the same time infinite hate. Thereby is renounced of high speed. Instead of it the songs all move in the mid tempo area. By the very distinctive, pitch-black growls is created an emotionally charged atmosphere which is emphatic and sustainable. The drumming gives additionally the main points and fits in into the overall structure very well. HOODED MENACE renounce of too much technical folderol which does the production good. Despite all primitiveness you hear here with each note that the musicians have a clear conception how the band should sound like. Doom Metal just the way it should be. The gentle fan can once again take a trip down memory lane. Also as an entry point for all who doesn’t deal a lot with these genres yet is “Gloom Immemorial“ ideally suited. You can view it as daylight robbery or a pearl in the cd collection. For all fans the cd is a must anyway!!!!


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