HOLODOMOR ”Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre”

Self-released – 2012 – United Kingdom

The English HOLODOMOR already published some days ago their EP “Temoignages De La Gnose Terrestre“.

To describe the music of HOLODOMOR is not that easy. You can hear here a mixture of Death Metal with Black Metal influences. Thereby the all in all five songs are played in such a high speed that you are geting dizzy as a listener. Hate, brutality, despair and contempt transferred in notes. Thereby chaotic song structures are strung together. What initially looks like utter chaos turns out at closer listening to be a sophisticated concept. The listener is however also at the short done little pauses not able to recover. You can hear here thrashing from the first to the last note! The songs roll like an avalance towards the listener and captivate him. Technical impeccable and dedicated recorded offers “Temoignages De La Gnose Terrestre“ a full-service in the matter of rapidity and intensity. Listen to the record. It’s worth it!!!

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