HJEL ”Gedanken Aus Dem Grab”

Senseless Life – 2013 – Germany

HJEL are from Germany. Founded only in the year 2013 the duo released late last year their five song cd “Gedanken Aus dem Grab“ via Senseless Life Records.
You can hear here Black Metal. Atmospheric kept songs which are nevertheless dark and cold develop. The slow, partially halting insertions spread out a strange, morbid mood which is doleful and emotionally charged. Depression and darkness wrapped in notes. Emotions of hopelessness and sorrow which seem to be insourmountable and are unending. Excursions in Rock realms show versatility and eagerness to experiment of HJEL. They nevertheless bring no light nor hope. The emotional vocals of vocalist Munnyet reinforce loneliness and intensity of “Gedanken Aus Dem Grab“. The lyrics are all written in German language. They deal with death and perfectly round off the pitch-black atmosphere. What remains is a not easy to consume album which is worth to be listened to and which definitely whets your appetite!!!!


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