GRAFVITNIR – Venenum Scorpions

Carnal Records – 2019 – Sweden

The Swedish band GRAFVITNIR are truely no newcomer anymore. Since 2007 as a band musically active they released in February 2019 their latest opus “Veneum Scorpionis“ via Carnal Records.

The world of evil and darkness is presented. Six Black Metal songs which couldn’t be blacker sound off my speakers. Very intense and easily remembered they spark a musical inferno which nobody can’t escape from. Melodies full of pain and hopelessness dash against the hardness and coldness of Black Metal in order to unite to homogenous musical constructs. The forces of nature discharge here to events of the special, dark kind. Thereby the gents display a considerable speed which doesn’t become too boring and mindless by the skillful applying of two instrumental songs (“Venenum Scorpionis“ and “ I Nattens Mantel Svept“). Classical Black Metal solis unite with forceful bass-lines and severe doubleblast drumming to ominous melodies which get under the skin. The intense growls are yet the icing on the cake of the production. Like a rampart, impenetrably and inexorably by nothing GRAFVITNIR show impressive how Old School Black Metal could present in the year 2019. I can only say, buy the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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