FROSTAGRATH ”A Depiction of Melancholic Reality”

Depressive Illusions Records – 2012 – Egypt

The Egyptian 1-man project FrostAgratH just released his debut demo “A Depiction Of Melancholic Reality” via Depressive Illusions Records.

What can you expect here musically? Depressive Black Metal. Of endless sorrow and pain suffused dark sounds, kept simple riffs and sound structures which are extremely effective drawn attention to. Rage, despair and misanthropy put into notes. Lord Mist succeeds in creating pitch-black musical worlds which are without hope of cure. Icecold kept in the mid tempo area here is relinquished of highspeed thrashing. Also the drums are kept discreet in the background at “A Depiction Of Melancholic Reality” which still reinforce the depressive atmosphere. The song “Reflection Of A Bleeding Soul” gets along even quite without vocals in order to achieve its full effect. Lord Mist screams his mind to the heavens at the other song “A Depiction Of Melancholic Reality” and turns out his innermost part. The two songs left behind very intense and emphatic an lasting impression on the listener. Check out the demo, it’s worthwhile!!!!!

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