FORGOTTEN TOMB ”…and Don’t Deliver Us from Evil”

Agonia Records – 2012 – Italy

You actually need not make big words about FORGOTTEN TOMB. Last year they put their already sixth album which is called “…and Don’t Deliver Us From Evil“ via Agonia Records on the dark Metal scene.

Former known as a pure Black Metal band the guys contributed at “…and Don’t Deliver Us From Evil“ also again some Rock elements. Together with many Doom elements this results in the sound of FORGOTTEN TOMB. Thereby the gents never lose sight of their musical goal. Despite all excursions in other realms the dark Black Metal character remains at all times. The listener is taken along in sinister worlds of hate and melancholy. Reinforced by aggressive doubleblast drumming it develops here a world without hope and light. The variable used vocals of guitarist and vocalist Herr Morbid give “…and Don’t Deliver Us From Evil“ additional identity and independence. The halting riffs give an extra kick of depression. The all in all seven songs are all of them located in the mid tempo area. FORGOTTEN TOMB manage it with “…and Don’t Deliver Us From Evil“ to present us an extremely successful mixture of styles which was recorded technical valuable. You notice here that the band still have a lot of potential whereof we will sure hear more soon. Buy FORGOTTEN TOMB. It’s worth it!!!

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