FORGERY ”With These Fists”

Battlegod Productions -2014- Norway

We already know that Norway has not only brought out good Black Metal bands. FORGERY are already since 1990 on the road musically. They released in March 2014 “With These Fists“. It is distributed via Battlegod Productions.
You can hear here Thrash Metal. Very melodic and modern bands like MACHINE HEAD or MESSUGAH come to my mind while listening. Melodic riffs come upon Thrash Metal base frames. Studded with extremely forceful and strong-willed bass-lines develop indenpendent, very powerful songs. These reflect aggressiveness and energy. Muti-variant riffs which can be sometime traditional and then again experimental round off the musical general view positively. Supported by a drumming which gives the main points hate, anger and unending rage are literally audible. It developed very energetc, thrilling songs which doesn’t lack of power and self-assertion. The distinctive, dark little short of growlesque vocals of vocalist and guitarist Anders Moen are here yet the icing on the cake. Provided with a lot of dedication and a clear musical vision you can only recommend FORGERY! Listen to the cd. It’s worth it!!!!


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