FFERYLLT ”Прорицание”

Stygian Crypt Productions – 2012 – Russland

The Russian band FFERYLLT released at the end of last year their already second longplayer via Stygian Crypt Productions. The opus is called “Proritsanie“.

What does my ears hear here? Compact arrangements which have plenty of punch. Here merge traditional Folk music with hard, expressive Metal music. Partially very epic at the limits of bombast develop all in all ten songs which go definitely forwards. Borne by diversified Metal riffs which can also be melodic and Folk elements develops here an independent sound. The lyrics relate thereby to the Nordic mythology. Bygone heroics from another world are musically made alive. You can also notice the wide range of the band based on the different tempi. From solemn piano sound up to fast, hard is everything represented here. The use of dark, strong-willed growls and classical female vocals manifest the very own character of the production. Thereby “Proritsanie“ is getting at no time verbose. You rather have to reckon with surprises anytime. The interaction of melodies and hardness takes the listener along on a very special journey. Technical impeccable recorded you can only recommend “Proritsanie“!!!!


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