ENTHRONED ”Obsidium”

Agonia Records -2012 – Belgium

What can I say about the new Enthroned album that is out now? All in all, there is not much to say about in my opinion. Sure, this band made a good name in the Black Metal scene. Sure, they don’t bow to no one, but also sure, that this new album isn’t anything new. First of all, it is the same as their last albums. You won’t find here anything new when it comes to the music, to the lyrics, to the production, etc. It is the logical sequel to their previous works and if you liked their previous albums, you will like this one (maybe) too. Why did I say “maybe”? I said it because it depends on you if you are a Die Hard Enthroned fan who will buy all their albums or not. Sure that the path this band goes is a narrow one where there is not much space for making something new or different without betraying their own roots, but sometimes holding too much on them can bring to the situation that you will bring out an album which you already brought out. That is my main problem with this album, because it sounds exactly like their previous 2 albums. This one isn’t better or worse than the other albums. I would say that it is a good album for all the Die Hard fans of them or also for people who haven’t heard Enthroned before this album, but if you are a fan who likes them more than you love them, then you won’t be so pleased with this record.


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