(ECHO) ”Devoid of Illusions”

Solitude Productions – 2011 – Italy

Last year I got lots of promos from Italy, thanks them all for their support to Extreminal. (EchO) is from Italy too. They formed in 2007, under the name of Echoes of Perdition, but after some months it changed to (EchO). After releasing 2 demos, they released this debut full-length album in 2011.

In Metal-Archives, genre is written Melodic Death/Doom Metal, but I don’t think so, (EchO) is doing clearly doom metal, maybe the parts which used brutal vocal can called doom death. Especially clean vocal used parts of the songs sounds like Antimatter. Sad and emotional riffs used in songs, piano and keyboards supports sadness well.

An album must be listened with rain and alcohol in Fall or Winter. I can recommend this to doom metal fans.


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