DRIFT OF GENES ”Exruciating Severe Laceration ”

Ecltic Records – 2013 – Ukranie

The Ukrainian 1-man project DRIFT OF GENES put in the year 2012 his cd “Excruciating Severe Laceration“ via Eclectic Productions on the market.
The opener “Stimulation“ initially starts very calm. Only accentuated with guitar sounds the listener can not even anticipate what he will expect next. Spasm celebrates here together with studio drummer Dmitry Kim brutal Death Metal. It goes straight down to the nitty-gritty with several Grindcore influences. Conscious kept simple, partially brokenly riffs which are supported by a strong-willed drumming. As a result develop songs which are extremely raw and primordial. Oppressive musical worlds emerge. The dark, distinctive growls often go into the Grindcore area. These reinforce brutality and hardness. Here is continious headbanging the order of the day! Very ambitious recorded I can only recommend DRIFT OF GENES to each Grindcore and Death Metal fan!!!!


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