Drift – New Blood Type Album

DRIFT's 'New Blood Type' debut album commences the new wave of cyber metal.

DRIFT‘s ‘New Blood Type’ debut album commences the new wave of cyber metal. Taking inspiration from metal tycoons like Alien Weaponry, Ghost and Ministry, DRIFT’s new tracks evoke an emotional experience, transcending what’s known to be metal in the 21st century. Mayhem’s crisp vocals and smooth electric guitar solos bring the album to a finish, captivating their audience to the very end.


  1. Great news! I found the album after hearing Submariner and prefer the instrumental work the band plays. They release instrumental version? -Carlos -Rosario AR

  2. I think your music isn’t clear it’s to much going on. Singer isnt to good. it is to confusing and to hard to follow. Name of the band is cool but music isn’t very good. Plus your outfits suck. What is it halloween. Keep the music simple fast with melody…you need more practice. what i hear is trash. If you doubt me you would have been famous already 70k hits on youtube and Instagram is nothing especially when there is a retarded kid doing donuts on his tricycle receiving 3 million views. after all these years. WTF are you doing…give it your all or give up…this is bullshit music…

  3. These criticisms are a bit harsh, but they are criticisms nonetheless. But why are you so angry? If you don’t like this band, I suggest you look at 100s of different bands on the site.

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