Nuclear Blast Records – 2010 – USA

Shining star of brutal/technical death metal Decrepit Birth is before their fans once again. They joined to Nuclear Blast and because policy of Nuclear Blast is supporting hard and big bands, Decrepit Birth made a different album this time. This album is their 3rd studio album, called Polarity.

Making something different from classical Decrepit Birth, band used mystical elements to add some deep content in addition to attacking and technical structure of the music. Especially symphonic intros feel different… Lyrics are written about natural events and compositions support that fact. Compared to the other albums, this album is more amusing. It feels good, but some may hate this, as they want their Decrepit Birth pure and classic. About the musical structure, this is classical DB… Melodic structured hard drum fills, sharp guitar transitions and same tough vocals make it clear that you are listening to DB, making DB’s differences clear…

To sum up, I suggest you to listen to the album that I’ve been listening to for 2 weeks, because this might be the best of the year. Don’t miss that!!!


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