Cinemartyr – Terms And Conditions (Video)

Death Of The First Person was released on July 24th, 2020 on Holy Noise Records.

Official Press Information

This song is the first release from our upcoming album “OPT OUT” it’s a pissed off industrial/math number that explores themes around escape and mental health. Cinemartyr was originally formed in 2010 as my own solo project, now it is a full live band. Influences range from Fugazi and Swans to The Mars Volta and Rihanna.

Cinemartyr (originally OST) was formed in Limerick, Ireland by composer Shane Harrington in 2012, before relocating to New York shortly afterwards. To date, Cinemartyr has released five diverse-sounding albums. Invisible Ink For Sketching Ghosts, a sombre experimental rock album, was released in February 2012, followed by Dreams During Hibernation in 2015. Cinemartyr’s 3rd album, Uncaused, took on a more indie/folk approach and was released in 2016. Then came Suffer New York Love, an album of ambient and noise experimentation in 2017. The live band lineup includes Shane Harrington (vocals, guitars), Amber Moon Voltson (vocals, guitars), Aaron CT (bass), and David Goldman (drums).

Death Of The First Person was released on July 24th, 2020 on Holy Noise Records.

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