CESSPOOL OF VERMIN ”Bestial Necrophilia”

It’s been a week since I’ve had the cd of the threesome professors of Gastonia Institute of Perversion. I can say that after two demos they have come strong handed into the market with their first LP, first of all I know inclusively that they are favoruite sons of Sevared Records. Band is consist of members of other bands such as Lust of Decay, Lividity and so on who have been in the scene for along time. And I think this shows this is a band who knows what they are doing. Band plays brutal death metal based on sexual pervertion. Riffs are exciting and high quality, qualifed bass and drum partitions and slammin parts from time to time makes this album a well played brutal death metal album. Vocalist Jay Barnes has an ultra brutal pigsy voice which marks his territory and this is a detail that must be considered. A negative part about the band is weakness of the slammings, they are really easy going, repetative and boring. Album has a strong cover and artwork which by the is at top section of the list of most wicked album covers. It is considerable piece for brutal death metal maniacs but if you are not this shit ain’t for you, take a hike.


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