BOOKAKEE ”Whorrific”

BOOKAKEE are from Canada. In December 2013 they put their debut cd which is called “Whorrific“ in in-house production on the market.
What can I expect here? The short intro initially starts quite harmless. The listener has here yet time to prepare for the things which will come next. Because, with the song “A Night To Dismember“ at the latest (For which there is also a video — the gents show their true musical face! Brute Death Metal with various melodic parts (From Ambient to Nu Metal here is processed everything) is wild mixed here. Which initially reads rather impossible is a very interesting musical mixture at closer listening. You never know here what will happen the next moment. Beat BOOKAKEE this moment uncompromising Death Metal round the listeners’ head it can happen that you hear calmer tones the next moment. Thereby they remain steadily at their Death Metal base frame. You can literally see the blood spout out of the songs, because of the energy the band sprays. Very technical played riffs and forceful bass-lines melt with a powerful doubleblast drumming to a musical unity. The very distinctive vocals / growls of vocalist Phil Langelier put the final kick to the songs. Very diversified, compact arranged and professional recorded the guys did here everything right. Listen to “Whorrific“ preferably yourselves. It’s worth it!!!!


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