APE TO GOD – “Ape to God”

Demo – 2013 – Poland

Recently I received mail from Poland. The band APE TO GOD put this year their same-named debut EP in in-house production on the market.
The gents play here modern Death Metal with some Grindcore borrowings. Diversified in terms of rapidity and riffs presented, APE TO GOD get at no time boring. All in all four songs developed which are thrilling and very energetic. Pretty hard and aggressive and nevertheless independent played. From very melodic parts to extremely aggressive is everything represented here. This colourful mix of different riffs is supported by forceful bass-lines. Thereby may be involved thoroughly halting riffs. The drumming is also very multi-variant and memorable. Supported by emphatic vocals which also offer a large range emerges a high explosive musical mixture which sets standards. By the throughout powerful basic nature of the songs conveys ravenous energy and hate. Very distinctive and ambitious recorded APE TO GOD make sure that you don’t forget this EP that fast. Listening to it is here duty!!!!

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