Massacre Records -2015 -Belgium

Ancient Rites return to us with another history lesson after 9 years of silence. So long had we to wait for it. The song “Cathago Legenda Est” was already on youtube as a teaser for the new album to hear and it shows pretty much into which direction the new album goes. As always the album opens with an intro and after it comes the mentioned song. This song gives a clue that Ancient Rites put a lot more orchestration into their new opus as it was the case in the past. Also, the production which is their clearest so far brings the orchestrations very well over to the listener. But also the guitars and other instruments get their place in the spot light. “Under The Sign Of Laguz” shows the interest in esoteric topics. After a slower into, it goes a bit faster forward in this song just like it was the case with “Victory Or Valhalla” from the “Dim Carcosa” album. “Von Gott Entfernt” is as we are used by now a song about religion which every Ancient Rites release in the near past had. This song continues there were the last song stopped. Blast beats with a lot of orchestration with Gunther recitation-singing vocals. “Apostata (Imperator Fidelis)” is homage to Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate. This song goes in different speeds with some almost oriental orchestration in the background. “Legio V Alandae” is the most epic song here on this release. In my opinion, it is also the most interesting song. I am not saying that the previous ones and the following ones are bad or boring. It’s just that I am a big fan of the epic site of Ancient Rites and nothing more. “Mind Unconquered” is a song dedicated to will strength like it was with “Rvbicon” and “Invictus” on the previous album. Musically, it also fits with those songs, not just lyrically. “Ombra Sumus” has the most bad ass riff of the entire album and I just can’t stop listening to it. “Frankenland” is the last song here on this album before the Outro. It reminds me a bit of the “Cheruscan” song from the “Rvbicon” album. “Fatum” is the Outro that I already mentioned in the last sentence. This Outro sounds like the perfect way to end this album.So, what is new with Ancient Rites? First of all, they got harder and the experimented a lot with sound. I like that very much. It might sound after this review like there is nothing new or they just went on something sure, but believe me, that isn’t the case. 9 years of waiting was worth next album.


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