An Introduction to the Crust Punk for Beginners

Crust-Punk list for beginners!

Crust is a sub-genre of Punk, closer to hardcore punk, sometimes melodic, always with dark sound, political or nihilist lyrics with death and warcry. A lot of crust band members also play in metal bands. Crust is also closer to a death metal sound. Also Crust-punks wear patch, bullet belts. Let’s see who's starting!

Tragedy – The Day After, US, Neo-Crust, HC-Punk

Disrupt - A Life's a Life, US, Crust Punk

Wolfpack - Enter The Gates, SWE, Crust Punk

Doom – To Free World, UK, Crust-Punk

Amebix - Battery Humans, UK, Crust-Punk

Hellshock - Low Men In Yellow Cloaks, US, Crust-Punk/Death Metal

Aus-Rotten - The Second Rape, US, Crust-Punk

Antisect - Out From The Void, UK, Punk, HC, Crust-Punk

Nausea – Right to Live, US, Crust-Punk, HC

Discharge – Why, UK, Crust-Punk, Heavy Metal

Misery -Filth Of Mankind, US, Crust (Check Sepultura ‘Dead Embryonic Cells’ clip and see Misery backpatch on Max back)

Sacrilege - Shadow from Mordor, UK, Crust-Punk, Doom Metal

Disclose - Religious Terror, JP, Crust-Punk, HC

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