Radamus – Sentinel (Official Animated Music Video)

Radamus is an artistic project with the goal to inspire the masses through the combination of metal music, animation, and fantasy-driven stories. The members themselves, Anthony “Q-Unique” Quiles & Daniel Declet, met at a Jiu-Jitsu gym. Their bond quickly grew due to their shared love for martial arts and the positive reinforcement that was taught. The duo quickly agreed to work on music together that would combine their love for heavy music and a message that would inspire listeners. The result is Radamus. It would take their imagination beyond music. Both Q & Daniel are no strangers to releasing music and performing. With Daniel being a member of the Brooklyn based band Skies Of Tomorrow and Q a member of Stillwell (featuring Fieldy of Korn & Wuv of POD) and the Arsonists. Q & Daniel write songs that would serve as a narration to Radamus’ adventures. The result is an EP mixed and coproduced by Chris Collier (Korn, White Snake, KXM, & Prong.)

It has been one thousand years since the Living Crusade. A war of legends where Radamus, the fallen, lead the armies of the Known World to victory against the hordes of the All-Consuming Darkness. Since then, the roaring flames of war have dwindled down to a mere glimmering ember. Due to this, the kingdoms of the world grew arrogant, egocentric, and cruel to fill the void of darkness.

In truth the armies of the underworld were never destroyed, only silenced. Eventually, they found power, purpose, and opportunity. Growing and slowly creeping their way back to the world of the living.

It was believed that Radamus fell to the ashes of story and legend. Unknown to the world, he chose to live in exile awaiting the day darkness would return. Recently he has started to have vivid and haunting visions of his past. Thus inspiring him to re-forge his sword, Darkcarver. But on the last day as he completed his blade he noticed that the night grew ever dark. An oppressive and consuming darkness that seemed all too familiar…

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