Deaf Aid – Reign of Retards Single Is Out Now

Deaf Aid - Death Metal from Freiburg, Germany. Established 1989

DEAF AID plays death metal, but is open to other influences as well, which shows in many cross-stylistic elements in their tracks. Like a lava flow that pushes itself with power to the earth’s surface and after a violent eruption it rolls everything down. DEAF AID‘s sound hits the listener in the gut with guitar-heavy, powerful riffing, rhythmically applied noise effects and driving beats. The vocals are deep, death metal-typical, direct and mercilessly unadulterated. The overall picture results in an aggressive, brutal and sometimes melancholic-disharmonic sound.

Some lyrics deal with socio-critical topics, others tell fictional stories from the genre of horror literature.

The song “Reign of Retards” belongs to the socio-critical songs. The lyrics are about the world’s political ruling elite being under scrutiny. It criticizes the many incompetent politicians who secure their positions out of pure greed for power. They are self-absorbed and care only about their concerns and interests, but not about the people. They inflame the atmosphere, which only leads to more violence and also to the division of society. Science and facts are mocked. When metal bands are criticized for making noise and showing blood and gore, we in turn criticize the really sick people in power who bring so much pain and misery to the ordinary people.

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