ANLIPNES ”Inanis Caelum”

Demo – 2010 – Turkey

Anlipnes is a band escaped our eyes, they make Doom Metal. I said it escaped our eyes, because they published 1 demo and 1 split in 2009 and they published this demo in 2010.

Anlipnes define their genre as funeral doom but I couldn’t so fatal riffs. They have a melancholic style, but funeral doom bands can play the same riff for 5 minutes sometimes. Gloomy songs are good to be listened to on these hot days. I sensed some influences form some old Turkish bands but I can’t remember their names. I don’t know the members of Anlipnes, so maybe they were actually playing in the bands that I’m talking about. Who knows…

Demo lasts for 43.54 minutes and consist of 5 songs. There are male and female vocals, clean male vocals creates a wider range of vocal styles. Brutal and clean vocals are very successful. They never miss any notes. Soft female vocals are just in time and place. Song names are fitting to the style, for example Coffin,The Empty Skies,Last Sunset…

Songs are gloomy, melancholic and depressive but not pityful and cryful. They stress they tell about loneliness. The song ‘April 13th’ is really successful. I think we should congratulate them, because they don’t make their music to be a mainstream.


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