Chris Forbes’s Metal Reviews #12

Not a ton of reviews this time around as I have been busy doing interviews. As you will see below there is a mix of some good bands and some bad reviews. Below is a review of a book I was sent to review. OMG is it incredible AOD'S 1st two records are a must-have if you love crossover music. The book will show you what it was like being on the road back in the 80s and then some. Hopefully, I'll get to see them as they are doing a couple of reunion shows around the book. I'll be back with more reviews soon I have plenty of interviews on here upcoming and I hope you enjoy everything I have on here. Go see the DIO movie too, it was AMAZING...

If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Walla Walla: The Wacky History of Adrenalin O.D. by Dave Scott Schwartzman (DiWulf Publishing House)

It took me less than 3 days to finish this as what an amazing book it is. Adrenalin O.D. was a blazing fast and I mean fucking fast hardcore band in the vein of early DRI and Cryptic Slaughter. This book chronicles the band’s tour’s through their early albums and the insane and wacky shit that goes on the road for an indie-label-based band. Up until now, I had not really read about what hardcore band touring is like. From the Nazi skins to the skateboarding on tour, this has it all. This band played many jokes on each other and other people around them as well. Hell when you are on the road with lots of time to spare and you are 20 or 21, what else is there to do ha ha. Nobody was spared too. I was totally hooked on this book I was around back then when this band was around and we also were from the same state (NJ) and nothing is left unturned. Lots of great flyers and photos as well. It’s easily a 100 out of 100 and can’t wait to go to the reunion show if I do I’ll cover it here for Extreminal.com. After you read this, go out and pick up their debut album and the follow-up, you’ll be glad you did. Dave, you did an amazing job on this.

MESSE MORTUAIRE/Nocturnal Demonic Visitation (Repulsivee Echo)

Slow doomy-like riffs and speedy blasting along with some of the lowest vocals known to man. In other words, a tasty death metal treat. Vocals from 6 feet underground in a coffin and thrown that in with some sludgy, doomy riffing and then changing into blasting speeds in parts won me over. I love the guitar sound and this just will cut and rip you into pieces as death metal should.

TRAITOR/Exiled To The Surface (Self-Released)

I am not even sure this is self-released as in the promo I got Nuclear Blast and Seasons of Mist are selling it, but who gives a f*ck right? It is the music that counts this is some wicked, razor-sharp riffing thrash with some Mille-like vocals on the mic. That even do a funny cover tune of Wham’s “Careless Whisper”, that you will hardly think of the original again. For me, thrash is all about the riffs and the vocals and if the riffs are catchy and not melodic and this had all the stuff I crave. This is the band’s 4th release and if you’re into thrash, check them out Tom Angelripper does some guest vocals as well. Video track and ordering info below:

EVIL IN/Age Of Immortal Darkness (Self-Released)

This a 2 man band and wow what a 2 man band this is. A great mix of thrash and death metal with vocals that are on the death metal side with the music a mix of death and thrash. The band even threw in some blasting death metal beats that had me going “fuck yeah” as well. This def has its “own sound” too and is not just a typical death metal band I even hear a bit of King from Deceased on the vocal side of things as well. This was just so fresh and exciting for me and my ears too. Hopefully, an interview to follow this review as well. Yeah, they are that damn good.

MASS EXTINCTION/Never-Ending Holocaust (Horror Pain Gore Death)

Fast, punishing grind with shouted vocals. Most of you expect me to trash this, but you’re wrong, as it is pretty heavy and not just a wall of noise. The band just blast after blast short tunes of grindcore and it wasn’t half bad. The vocals also enter death metal style as well. If you are into early Naplam Death, you will love this. It was cool to my ears. Info:

ENSANGUIATE/Eldritch Anatomy (Emanzipation Productions)

Oh my, this band doesn’t play around. A deadly mix of early-style death metal (Possessed, a pinch of Morbid Angel) and some early thrash had me smiling from ear to ear. This band fuckin rules and oh those deadly riffs just ripped into me. Riffs that are so catchy and memorable that I was going postal within my earphones. A total head-banging delight these mother fuckers did to me. I’ll be in the hospital with neck and whiplash pain from the bastards. Buy or be forced to listen to Poison records (the CA glam band ha ha)

ABSOLUTE DARKNESS/Failure Of State (Self-Released)

This is weak-ass tired thrash that sounds like a weak Testament release. I wasn’t feeling the music or the vocals. They sounded too close to the Pantera side of things and that is not a good thing in my book. I needed a total thrashing all-out assault and I didn’t get it on this I’m afraid. Video link and info below:

INCANTATION/Tricennial of Blasphemy (Relapse Records)

Relapse is celebrating 30 years of death metal with a triple LP, 2CD of rarities and unreleased tracks to boot. Tricennial of Blasphemy traces all eras of the band’s history. From a previously unavailable demo version of the band’s classic “Impending Diabolical Conquest” featuring Will Rahmer (Mortician) on vocals to never-before-heard tracks like “Pest Savagery” (lifted from the band’s press release). Now, what do I think of this release? Where do I start? This band has been delivering nothing but mounds and mounds of classic death metal since John’s early days up in NJ. Just rip-roaring riffs, gut-wrenching vocals and speed galore had me air drumming at Barnes and Noble ha ha. The unholy guitar sounds on these songs will leave you begging for mercy. This is death metal at its finest.

SARCOPHAGUM/Conduits to the Underworld (Nuclear Winter)

3 tracks of uninteresting death metal are on this. Yeah, the band play fast and slow it down at times and have growly vocals, but so do most death metal bands. The songs and riffs were totally generic and nothing stood out or interested me at all. I’ll pass.

TRIUMVIR FOUL/Onslaught to Seraphim (Invictus Productions / Vrasubatlat)

I usually like everything this label puts out, but not with this release. Like the above release, I just find this mindless, boring death metal with a bunch of nowhere going songs and riffs. The band can blast it out as I hear parts of early Morbid Angel at times, but for my ears, I just didn’t grab it and love it. This band just kill me or crush me with that riff or song that had my neck or arms out playing the guitar. Hey, I’m sure some will love this, just not me. Info:

VULCANO/Stone Orange (Self released)

This is the band’s 19 release! I remember this band’s name from long ago and from reading the bio of this band they have had many ups and downs. This is a thrash/speed metal attack with a touch of black metal in the vocals. The raging speed total crushes and will have you giving your neck a fuckin workout be assured of that. Catchy thrashy riffs had me smiling from ear to ear. None of that nu-metal crap or happy Anthrax-like riffing too. This is old-school speed metal baby. This is played the way thrash metal should be. Pick this up at all costs. Info:

DEATHCRUSH/Under Serpents Reign (Time To Kill Records)

This is decent death metal, but I wasn’t digging the vocals much. To me, all he did was growl into the mic without much feeling or emotion and that was kinda a letdown in making this above average. The music is speedy and fast the way I like it and the below-average growls take this down a notch. Also, the music isn’t super generic as well. Info:

HALBERD/Parasitic Humanity (Self-Released)

Another tired and well-worn out groove metal band with that Pantera sound. To my ears and eyes, I just am not a fan of bands of this type as they just slide over to that nu-metal side of things I hate and those trigger drums and beyond bad. I am sure many new death metal fans will love or like this band, but I’m just not one of them

BLASPHEMOUS CREATION/Beyond The Grave (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

4 new tracks from my death metal pals and these 3 tracks crush. A blasting splash of death metal that can’t and shouldn’t be missed. Vocals that torture and kill. Music that rips and tears at your flesh and doesn’t let go. This is some deadly shit you death metal freaks. Buy or die wimps.

BONES/Sombre Opulence (Invictus Productions)

A total furious death metal beatdown with ripping riffs, a wicked speed attack and vocals sung with a hateful approach the way death metal vocals need to be. The band also slow it down and mix in some slow doomy-like parts, and they kill too, before going for the heart and blasting with a pounding of speed. Now you need more than speed and power in my book and that is riffs and songs that are memorable and not just a bunch of noise. This band fits the bill as the songs are more than memorable in my book and this label snaps up another winner in my book. Get your bones broken by this band you bastards. Info:

PERVERSION/Dies Irae (Hells Headbangers)

The bastards over at Hell’s headbangers have found another gem in this Detroit,. MI death/black metal band. A total rip-your-body-part limb-by-limb experience. This is a total mix of old Morbid Angel, Necrovore, old German thrash and a touch of black metal on top along with a cover of Bathory’s “Possessed”. The speed and power are unrelenting and the vocals will have you feeling like in a deep, dark cellar in the middle of the night. Just perfect. A combo to weed out the wimp and wanna-be bands for sure. This is the real deal and prepares to be knocked over by a 3-ton truck listening to this. Hell yeah. Info:

VRENTH/Succumb to Chaos (Rotted Life)

This was ok, but nothing to write home about. They play death metal in the right way, with speed and some slower parts, but the problem is the songs, at least for me, are strong nor memorable. The slower parts, some were downright awful and I was not a fan of them. The singer is good and all, but with so many other death metal bands out there, I’m afraid this band falls short of anything more than a listen or 2. Info:

EMBRACE OF THORNS/Entropy Dynamics (Nuclear Winter)

This is a very well played-sounding vicious speedy death metal band with plenty of blast parts via old Morbid Angel, but that’s the problem for me like 4 songs in and I began to grow bored. It was like a clone of Morbid Angel and I wasn’t feeling this. Like I said it’s good, some of you younger fans may even love this, but for me, I didn’t. Info:

LAST RETCH/Sadism And Severed Heads (CDN Records)

Brutal straight ahead-and-forward death metal that doesn’t do anything new, but it’s still pretty cool anyway, Low tuned down guitar ala Canibal Corpse and Entombed with a solid and good singer. The production is good and the guitar sound is crushing too. If you love your death metal fast, you’ll like this. Video:

Omegavortex/Pious Levus/Split (Invictus Productions/Dark Descent)

Up first is Omegavortex who offer up 6 blasting tunes of extreme black/death metal. Just a fast, furious extreme display of death/black metal big time. The singer I wasn’t the biggest fan of to me all he did was growl and growl, but not with a fury of passion and feeling, but that’s just me. Otherwise, this band crushes. Pious Levus are up next with 5 tunes of blasting old-school death metal with a singer taking his last breaths. They are different from the other band on here and that is good to hear as well. Pounding riffs that get to your heart and pound you into the ground with the fury of a charging bull. I like band # 2 better, but still well worth checking out. Info:

HAMMERSTAR/Same (Pure Steel Records)

Oh, this is what the doctor ordered, Fuckin pure power metal at it’s finest. The singer sounds just like Bruce Dickinson, which isn’t a bad thing as he sings these tunes with a ton of passion and even hits those high notes at times. The music is ass-kicking totally catchy power metal and no it’s not a Hammerfall-like band either. Omg, these tunes are damn catchy, hell this is about as good as power metal gets. Info:

SVNTARER/The Ardent Weight Of Thoughts (Self-Released)

Now I am not the biggest fan of doom or sludge metal. This style is more down the avenue of my friend John Verica. I do always try and review everything fairly and this was pretty decent. It didn’t get to the point where I was bored or the music was too slow ala St. Vitus. There are some slow mellow parts, but they are more moody parts, which was fine by me. The doomy parts are obviously very heavy and the singer sings like he is in serious pain like he is all by himself on planet earth. I feel the keyboard parts had to this band and don’t subtract either. It’s a 2 piece band and guys you did a hell of a job on this. Very moody and good stuff. Info:

TYRANNOS/Spears Of The Aten (Self Released)

Horrible, beyond-bad death metal with no catchy riffs and a terrible singer. Oh, he also sings with clear vocals and no speed, no power, no nothing in the music. Just a bunch of blah, blah, blah. Generic big-time with nothing of value and songs that fall flat on their face. Info:

INFERIA/Grind Cumpaign (Great Dane Records)

Pretty cool ass-kicking death metal you bastards that love your death metal speedy will like this as did I. The vocals I didn’t love the as they sort of slid over, at times, into that cup-the-mic territory at times, but the music was just so crushing and powerful I can forget the vocals. Production is good and solid and no trigger drums in sight ha ha. Prepare for an assault on your ears. Info:

FIREWOLFE/Same (Limb Music)

This originally came out in 2011 and now it is being re-issued with 2 new bonus tracks. I must say this band is pretty awesome as they play some classic power metal with fantastic vocals and very memorable music. The songs are big-time catchy I’ll tell you that. This band deserves to be heard and if you into power metal this is as good as it gets I can tell ya that. Glad to see a re-issue of this.

RUTHLESS HORDE – Demo Anthology 1989-1991 (Stormspell Records)

Stormspell always finds some great bands and this is no exception. A wicked speedy mix of thrash and some power metal and why this band didn’t get signed when others did is a semi-shock to me, especially on the bands send demo on here, which is just a classic.

EUFOBIA/Madness (Metal Message)

Solid, but nothing groundbreaking death metal. The music is fast-style death metal with good production and good vocals and no genric sounding styles and no trigger drums sounds either. There is also a bit of thrash in their sound too. The music moves from mid-paced to faster parts and I saw in the band’s bio most of the other reviews were giving 8 outta 10 and that seems about right. Video link:

METALUCIFER/Heavy Metal Ninja (Horror Pain Gore Death)

This is simple straightforward old-school 80’s style NWOBHM metal mixed in with old, old Iron Maiden. The tunes on this are catchy numbers that will have the fists pumping and the necks rockin. Old school production on this as well and I like that as well. This apparently started off as a side project of Sabbat singer and bass player Gezol. Well, it’s a very cool side project for sure. Info:

 (Atomic Fire Records)

When I was reading the band’s bio and I saw groove metal and all that I expected the worst. While this does have some of that, this band also has some straight-ahead thrash and the vocals aren’t all that tough guy crap so all in all this isn’t and you for sure could do worse. Thrash with a mix of groove is the ticket here and no trigger drums too. Not bad for what the label says. Info:

SCUMSLAUGHT/Knives and Amphetamines (Caligari Records)

Holy shit this is some sick and demented shit. The raw sounds of Slaughter and Celtic Frost mix with Discharge. This band is Leo Brand (ex-Cadaveric Fumes), Kev Desecrator (Destroyer 666, Venefixion, Sépulcre), and Jon  Whiplash. The production also has a total old-school feel too and this just oozes that mid 80’s feeling from way back when underground metal was fresh. The razor-sharp riffing just tore at my flesh. This will own you I promise

EXTINCTION AGENDA/Inter Arma Silent Leges (Visceral Circuitry Records)

This a tape only re-release of this band’s music which came out some time ago. They play a vicious style of speedy thrash with some death metal mixed in. The music is pretty good as the vocals, which are strong, help too. They sort of remind me of Violence during their 1st 2 releases minus the vocal style. The only setback, at least for me, is why is this a tape-only release. At least make it on vinyl if not CD too? Info:

TORTURE KILLER/Dead Inside (The Other Records)

A decent Ep of death metal on this. The vocals are pretty strong and good and the singer growls ha ha with passion. The music is more mid-paced and not just speed for speed’s sake, which made for a nice change of pace. I like the guitar sound this band has as well. Be cool to hear the next release going forward. Video song:

TYRANT/Poison The Well (Self-Released)

This is true and true pure heavy metal all the way and pretty damn good metal too. A singers with a powerful set of lungs and they are perfect for the band and not Hammerfall Jr. either. The production is good and I love the guitar sound the band have a bit of power metal here and there as well. I absolutely hear some early Iron Maiden in this, which isn’t a bad thing at all. For those who like their metal pure, well here ya go. Video track:

RITUAL DEATH/Ritual Death (Shadow Records/Regain Records)

This band plays a different style of black metal and they don’t sound like every other band and don’t play fast a lot, but I couldn’t stand the keyboards and I just hated them. They were so annoying I thought and made this for me pretty bad. If they lost them who knows how they would sound? The singer is awesome I must say too. You can check out a sample track below:

CULTO NEGRO/La Noche Oscura del Alma (Godz of War Productions)

Some decent black/speed metal. The only problem is all the songs kinda sound the same after a bit and they kinda ruin it to a point. This band def has that old-school sound and they rip into it with the speed they should just slow it down here and there in some of the tunes. The singer is good and solid and I like his vocals too. I like it overall for sure. Info:

EXHUMED/To The Dead (Relapse Records)

These long-time sick bastards return with another release of prime meat death metal done as only they can. Putrid vocals that will have the hair on the back of your head stand up. Hell, I remember this band during the days of Metal Core too. This is sick, no frills, coming to get ya death metal with those churning, sick riffs and vocals as well. Chainsaw riffing galore and this was a death metal fan’s dream. Video link below and label info too:

MORGUE/Lowest Depths of Misery (Godz Ov War Productions)

Some speedy death metal from France. I love the singer and the aggression and speed the band has. It’s not noisy speed either. Just a whirlwind pounding in your mind and head of the destruction. The way death metal should be. Production is on the money too. Do you like death metal? You’ll like this baby. Info:

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