Marche Funebre Productions – 2008 – Belgium

Yes, it’s me again! I am now starting this review with my favorite kind, lately. We have an album with 3 tracks, but it’s 1 hour and 9 minutes long. First released independent in 2003, then re-released in 2008 from Marche Funebre Productions. I have that 2008 copy. No new stuff except that album from the band…

I can obviously say, it’s tingling funeral doom metal fans’s inside. No drums used on this long songs. It contains just clean and distortion guitars. Dim, hard to hear brutal vocals like murmur, it’s suitable for that kind. Correct for “high head” times, sad and depressive album.

I use “high head” adjective because it can be tiresome when you are listening this with “normal” head. Or you can listen this in background, equably…


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