SVEDERNA ”Svedjeland”

Carnal Records – 2018 – Sweden

The Swedes SVEDERNA are truely no newcomer anymore. Already since 2012 as a band musically active they released in April 2018 their already second cd. It shares the name “Svedjeland“ and is distributed via Carnal Records.You can indulge here in Black Metal of the old days. Black as night with intense moments which are cold as ice. They take the listener into a valley of mourning and hate. Enriched with amazing variable riffs which nevertheless imply sufficient intensity in order to be able to be powerful and at the same time depressive. A very intense and depressing atmosphere originates which isn’t monotonous however. The nagging growls of shouter Promathor give the production yet additional sustainability and autonomy. A rollercoaster of emotions without hope for cure or sunshine. The lyrics are all written in Swedish language which I personally see as a further advantage. Professional recorded, the trio proves that Old School Black Metal in the year 2018 need not sound square!!!!


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