Hi Sed, would you please introduce us Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition?
Hi Bro, the band was formed in 1996 to be a part of the underground grind gore scene with bands such as Dead Infection, Gut, Last Days Of Humanity, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Inhume, and many more bloody bands.We play extreme porno gore music but we are also influenced by all kind of trash, death, grind, and crust stuffs.
We have released few split cassette tape, CD, 7”ep between 1997 and 2001, and quickly the band have signed with many extreme labels to produced six full length albums between 1998 and 2017, on labels such as Bones Brigade, Osmose production, Relapse records, Bizarre Leprous productions, and Animate records . Our last album is produced by the German Label Animate Records, and is called “Raping Angels in Hell”
During more than two decades the band played gigs and festivals everywhere, and had the pleasure to participate to festivals such as Hellfest, Motocultor, Neurotic Deathfest, Sylak, Mass Destruction, SWR, Obscene Extreme Fest, and to make tours over Europe, UK, and US.

"Raping Angels in Hell" album has been released in 2017, are you glad with the reactions in general?
It is fucking great cause it is probably our best album, and we have a lot of great reactions and opportunities since the release of the album just two month ago (September the 15th) . We will play to the Maryland Death Festival 2018 in US, and make a tour over US and Canada (15 years after our first US tour in 2003), and we will make many great gigs and festivals in many places where the band never performed before : Slovakia, Russia, Canada, … and many more
Your support in Turkey is representative of that enthusiasm, and we really want to thank you all for that.We really feel that the people enjoy this album, the band has always received many support but it seems really huge with this new album and we are really happy about it !

In the first years of the band you had said «It is easy to follow the fashionable streams, we are searching for our way, the tough way. Can you say "we have done it" with the album "Raping Angels in Hell"?
Yes we have. Because this album, more than the previous ones, is probably the best achievement of all the music that we loved ever ,the band never tries to follow the fashionable streams, and we prefer to spend time on our music more than on a constant mediatization ,it is a choice to follow your own truth and to keep focus on what make you want to listen this music in the first place.
It is more than important to make only artistic choices and never follow fake dreams to be something we are not ,we have used for this new album all accumulated influences & experiences over the 21 years, and we have more pleasure to play our music than ever ,we just hope that you feel the same . . .

In my opinion, your first 2 albums were very original indeed for that age, which were performed in your first years and also they were in Grind style. Without any lyrics and song names, it was a great idea explaining your worries with your music and your album coverings more than giving message. What do you think when you look back to those days?
These first albums put the basics of what the band have developed during these years till now, the choice not to use lyrics or song titles in the first albums was a no-compromise extreme position that was really strong in a way ,the idea was that we have no message to teach and that the brutality of our music no need subtitles .We are proud of the first years of the band and we continue to play few songs of these two albums during our gigs .It was maybe not our most mature albums, but the band grows up during the journey following the same path !
We stay in Porno gore influences, but the differences with our new album (20 years later), are:
– a better experience in song writing, sound, and graphics
– more diversity in influences and High technical skills
– the text writing adding and pushed to its best completion so far
It is not so easy to keep the same way and evolve in the same time through so many years…

In 2003 there had been a critical breaking point in your band's musical style. We do understand in this situation, leaving of your guitarist and drummer, were important effects. From that day what else had changed for you and for the band?
It is true that the line-up change after our US tour in 2003, was a new start and we have tried new things such as adding lyrics, crust, trash, death, and death’n roll influences : it was also the idea to use this breaking point to improve and explore new paths! It was a critical moment for the band because you never know, when half of the band changes in few month, if the new lineup will fit together and if it is the beginning of something or the end of something: it is probably both ! I am today the only member of the band from the beginning in 1996, but 15th years later, the members who joined the band in 2003 (Guillaume on guitars & Dag on drums) are still there, and have share most of the story of the band, they have inherited of a name, and they have built our ongoing story !
The main changes are:
– the songs composed
– the experience shared on stage
– the friendship and trust that stick us together
During 20 years old, life gives to a band a lot of reasons to split and when you start to play in a band to follow a road for such a long time with close friends…

Your music includes lots of styles. May we name this, are these a cumulative summary of your inspirations in the past times and also your experiments which you had performed to build your own style, may we?
We play a kind of Death Grind music that we can call: Extreme Porno Gore, or Gore Grind …But it is true that we have really tries to use all the inspirations of each member of the band, and we include in our music: Trash, Death, Gore, Grind, and Crust influences mostly but not only ,we try to feel what we have felt the first time we have discovered bands such as:
Death, Obituary, Suffocation, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Pestilence, Gorefest, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, Nasum, Venomous Concept, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, WolfPack, Lock Up, Brujeria, Immolation, Deicide, Impaled Nazarene …
As well as bands as Sepultura, Kreator, Metallica, Megadeath, Venom, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden…
And also bands as Carcass, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Gut, Mortician…
Every fan of Metal has at first discovered a cult album of metal band that has shown us the way and lead us for the rest of our life.
We never build something from nothing, and we should ever keep in mind all the legacy of those who have shown us the way.

You had continued in every album a new start-up, making and creating new stuff. Although the album has just been released, in the future do you have new ideas in your mind to make different works and try-outs?
It is true that the first years of the band were only influenced by the most underground death grind bands. But our fourth album "Inventory of Fixtures" released in 2007, was more influenced by grind’n’roll blended to crust influences. Our fifth album “Sheep‘n’Guns”, recorded in 2011, is more marking by the death metal side. And our new album “Raping Angels in Hell”, return to Porno gore influences with subtle black metal touches. We never know the future in advance … but if I should make a guess for the next album, it would be that we will stay on extreme porno gore with new perverse ideas!

France is the important stage's of Europe which reveals awesome bands in the last years. As a band which had toured lots of country, what would you like to say if you compare France stage and the stages that you have experienced?
We have played in many country and what is obvious is that the metal fans in every country are the same. We have most in common with any metal fan in the world, than with our own neighbors or coworkers. I am sure that you know exactly what I am talking about and that you have experiment it yourself so many time. When we have created the band there was not a lot of famous French Metal bands or big festivals in France, but there was a lot of fans and gigs in every city. It’s true that today there are many French bands that become very famous in every kind of metal, but most of all we have more big festivals in France than ever (Hellfest, Motocultor, Xtreme fest, Download, Sylak, Fall of Summer etc.)
The real change the last decades is that the French Metal scene becomes one of the main place for metal in Europe, almost as important as our neighbors in Germany .An important change during the last decades, not only in France but everywhere, was that the grind scene becomes almost as important as the other scenes of death metal, black metal, trash or whatever.
In the beginning of the 90s, there was almost no grind gig in France, and we used to travel in Belgium, Germany or Netherlands to see these bands ,we see today huge metal festivals in most of the countries in the World and these festivals include each time grind bands as well as death metal or black metal bands we have never played in Turkey, so I cannot talk about it, except to say that it would be an honor to play there my friend!

As we are talking about stages where was your the most interesting stage experience and why? Or nothing to say surprising, all over the world is full of metalheads who are as same as each other?
Like I said, most of Metal festivals seem almost the same, and it gives us the feeling to be just at home ,the main differences during the journey are the landscape, the architecture, and some food experiences…But it is just so cool to meet friends in some place in the world we were never supposed to be except to share a great moment the most surprising is to see how the same people are everywhere in the world! But it is true that there are festivals in Czech Republic as Obscene Extreme Festival, or Fekal Party, where we have experimented real crazy vibes!! And people are very friendly and just happy to have fun !
It was also really awesome to play in England or US, because of the importance of these countries in music, and maybe because it feels strange to think that a French band can have fans over there , but every time that we play in a country where we have never been before we feel that our world is bigger than we think and full of metalheads : we love that feeling!

As we know you have no other band and you give your whole energy to SCD. Is this a reason for this situation that your albums consist of rich and creative ideas in the name of riffs?
I have never played in another band and it is a full time passion in my opinion to play in a band. Guillaume, our guitar player who compose all the songs, doesn’t play in another band neither ,24 songs were composed for our new album, but only half of these songs were finally recorded on the album ,it is the same for the artwork and some drawings were not kept in the album ,we spend all our free time for the band, and there is always something to do I really don’t believe that it is possible to have time enough for several bands if you want to put the best of what you are capable of in each of them but most of all, we don’t have any reason to have another band cause we do exactly what we want in Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, and we are happy to do it together !

You draw the visuals of albums. This is really fascinating because it is a additional stuff that you make the visuals besides the music you perform, isn't it?
Yes it is. I drew the logo before joining the band in summer 1996, and I keep doing all the graphics of SCD , I continue to do exactly what I was doing when I was 14 years old: singing the songs and drawing the artworks cover of my favorite bands in my bedroom… The most important is the music, but the visuals can have a huge impact in the feeling & understanding of an album. So I always consider the layouts to be as significant as the lyrics.

When we check the lyrics out we see that you are not unaware to the problems with the world, what do you think about the general trend of the humanity, where do we go in the name of the humanity?
When I have started writing lyrics on our 4th album “Inventory of Fixtures”, I was influenced by the Crust scene or bands as Napalm Death, so the lyrics were essentially about the general trend of the humanity. It was a real turning point from our first album without any lyric. It is easy because I am almost sure that the world will not change easily, and this kind of lyrics will stay modern in many years. Maybe a Metal band will write exactly the same thing in next century, and it will be the same sad truth.
In our last album, the lyrics are more about porno gore but we try to include sometimes a second message that you can read between the lines… But with our new album, we probably return to our first idea about not using music to preach any message. In the end, I prefer writing about porno gore stuffs and don’t talking about things that I don’t really understand.
But I continue to write lyrics because:
– I was happy when I was young to be able to sing those of my favorite bands
– I think it can add a vibe to the music, in the same way than the artworks
– It add something more interesting in the way of singing
I don’t know where we go in the name of humanity, but in a certain way, porno gore stuffs seem to continue to lead the world…

What was your best musical invention newly?
Entrails – World Inferno
God Dethroned – The World Ablaze
Memoriam – For the Fallen
Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

14. Is there any band from Turkey relating with the metal stage? Thank you for the interview, what would you like to say or add as for a last word?
To answer this question I have done an interesting search on internet, and I have discover two great Turkey Grind bands: “Rektal Tuşe” and “Phosgendöd”Thank you for your support, to this interview, and to give us the possibility to say:
“Hello” and maybe “See you soon” To all the extreme metals fans in Turkey!
“Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition” is back in Gore Grind ,and we challenge you to test our new album “Raping Angels in Hell”
Seb – Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition

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