RIBSPREADER ”The Van Murders – Part II ”

Xtreem Music – 2018 – Sweden

What does a musician when he is not fully stretched with one band? Right! He starts a second band. It happened that way to Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER). The band is called RIBSPREADER. They are already old hands in the music business. For more than a decade musically active they released in June 2018 their latest opus “The Van Murderers – Part 2“ via Xtreem Music. It is a continuation of the in 2011 released cd “The Van Murderers“.

The Swedes leave no doubt which musical direction is broken out here from the first note on. Classical Death Metal without any flourishes or experiments. Laced with a touch of Grindcore. Superb riffs which come across powerful and with enormous energy. In addition to this guitar solis which blow away the listeners’ brain very diversified Thereby RIBSPREADER doesn’t need highspeed in order to be powerful and hateful. Nevertheless the guys’ speed is pretty fairly and multi-variant. In combination with the aggressive doublebase drumming as well as forceful bass lines a truely deadly musical mixture originates. The dark, distinctive growls of Rogga give additionally the main points. “The Van Murderers – Part 2“ build on the point where “The Van Murderers“ stopped. You can hear here from the beginning professional musicians who know exactly their own mind and who are able to implement it consequently. A very worth hearing cd which you should not miss!!!!


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