MYKRAVERK ”Naer Doeden”

Blut & Eisen Productions -2018 – Norway

The project MYKRAVERK wanders on dark musical pathes since more than one decade. In March 2018 Thor Erik Helgesen put his first full-length cd “Naer Doeden“ on the market. He is supported by the label Blut Und Eisen productions.

The intro already shows the musical path. Icecold, pitch-black worlds gape which allow no hope of cure. Here is celebrated classical Black Metal in the vein of DARKTHRONE. Straight and unadorned the way there it once was. Surreal worlds of pain, mourning and rage gape and captivate the listener. Partially riffs weighting tons make the hopelessness literally noticeable. On top of that the extremely emotional growls which make the apocalypse perfect. Conscious kept simple riffs which doesn’t fail to have the desired effect round off the overall image. Even at calm songs (“NasrasaraN“) the project is able to maintain the depressing death atmosphere. Pretty interesting are here the prominent guest vocals (Nocturno Culto, Grutte Kjellson and Hoest). Sure, MYKRAVERK doesn’t reinvent the Black Metal wheel, but for fans of pure Old School Black Metal “Naer Doden“ is an absolutely must!!!!


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