Hello Von.I think all lunatics around the globe have just missed your sick voice and Lividity.How are you nowadays,bro. ?
Von Young: Soner, hey bro things are great. It has been a long time since we have unleashed a new slab of sickness to this world… the time has come and the time is right! This voice has missed sickening minds and eardrums!!

What have you guys been doing since you Desecrated and Defiled the scene in 2009?
Since To Desecrate and Defile we did some tours, fest, shows, took a small break just to reset. But for the last few years we have been back. Now it was time to focus on new material!

How did you write your new hyper gore new album called Perverseverance?
Perverseverance was a completely collaborative effort. It was constructed by all of us together. Not 5 songs by me, 5 songs by Dave… there are songs we came up with on our own, but they were tweaked to the final stages by the whole band. Jake brought some killer songs to the table too. Even our drummer, Garrett contributed on riffs, helped with arrangements. It was a total group effort. I cant emphasize that enough. Something we are all very proud of.

What kind of an album was in your mind when you started to collabrate the new songs?
The goal was to be able to extract a little piece of every album, but push it forward and make it the next stage of Lividity. There are the old school death metal kinda songs and riffs, but there are more thought out passages as well. Its a great blend of older, newer, future Lividity.

I just thought when I first heard Perverseverance that you wrote more dark riffs than the last one and built the song structures of shadowy,dark but fast lines.What are your thoughts?
There is definitely a darkness to the album. A strong hatred brewing in the music. I think there was just something that was burning to get out of us and it manifested into this aural beast that is Perverseverance!

I first contacted with your music in the end of 1990’s via tape trades between Europe and Usa.Your first two Eps and debut in 2000 influenced the genre through the imagery and themes with some other gore and porn influenced brutal death metal bands.What do you think about?
This is Death Metal we are talking about so, in my mind the imagery should be dark. Ours is just also perverse. Maybe its nothing new, but maybe we push it a lil farther than others. Some bands talk about satan, vampires, end of the world… all dark themes. We are just gore, brutality and pussy!!

As a guitarist,how do you exercise and write songs?How do you coordinate vocals and guitar when you play live?
I will admit, I don't practice as much as I should. I am very busy all the time. I have to carve out time to make sure I play. If Im gearing up for a show then I an focusing on the set list. If I'm just jamming, then I am trying to write something that can be used for later, pushing myself further. When it comes to putting lyrics and music together, I find that more these days I fit lyrics to already written music. But sometimes I have vocals or vocal patterns worked out and the music is written around it. It just depends on the song for me.

How and why did you choose this ultra erotic gore themes?
That’s just what comes from the minds of the sick and twisted. Some songs are less “erotic”, some are more hahaha!!

Do you identify your band like porn gore something or old school brutal death metal? What do you think about the stuff called porn gore and porn-grind?
I would say we are definitely death metal with gore/porn aspects. I have never understood the porn-grind term for Lividity. We aren't a grind band. We have grindy parts at times for sure, but to say we are a grind band is a misnomer. Gore porn brutal death metal!!

I know Lividity has some special die hard fans in Europe.How did it happen?What about the fans in Usa?
The underground connection in the 90’s was a very powerful thing. We made connections with people through trading music and writing each other on a regular basis. It’s very different from now. Both have advantages for sure, but I miss those days as well. Yes we are fortunate enough to have followers all over. USA fans are die hard as well. Some travel far and wide to come see us if they can, just like they have in South America and Europe! Its amazing. Its humbling every time as well. We appreciate the sickened throngs of depraved souls from every inch of the globe

Do you have any tour plans?You have live albums recorded in Germany and Italy.Do you have any plans to do a live record or dvd again?
Yes! We will be hitting European soil once again May 2019! We cant wait. Details will be available soon. As far as a live album goes, it’s hard to say. We never plan it. It just happens. Shows get recorded and if it is usable, we use it. That simple. Hopefully someone will hit the record button in May!!

What is your most influential and fave album you recorded in scene?
Well I am not sure, you would have to poll the public regarding what they think is influential for them. If I had to guess, it would be Deaden- Hymns of the Sick as far as an album I have been a part of. For Lividity, I would imagine people would pick either Fetish for the Sick (in which I did some backing vocals) or Used, Abused, and Left for Dead.

What kind of things in music and literature have you been influenced much more as sick gore musicians?
As a kid, like a lot of metal heads into the disturbing, I always gravitated towards serial killers or just human gore. It always fascinated me. I have also always been into War bases themes, so those themes as well.

Would you like to tell us how Lividity was founded and went on this sick gore music though years?
Lividity was created/started by Dave Kibler back early 90’s. I was in other bands at that time, but went to shows with Dave and got to know him through our local scene. He started getting his creations out on his own, then assembled a full band and the rest is history… throughout member changes we have solidified our line up for the past 9/10 years or so.

Can you tell us what albums are all time favourite of you?What new bands are your favorite nowadays?
Anything from Death and Suffocation. They are staples. Cryptopsy- None So Vile
Kataklysm- Temple of Knowledge
Entombed- Left Hand Path/Clandestine
The first Deicide
Mortal Decay- Sickening Erotic Fanaticism
Cynic- Focus
Disincarnate- Dreams of the Carrion Kind
Resurrection- Embalmed Existence
Just to name a few…
As far as newer bands I a really digging Soreption, Analepsy, Gorgy, Limbsplitter, Cytotoxin
I try to keep up the best I can but I don't have as much time as I used to.

Do you like this ‘’new old school death metal bands’’ wave? There is a shitload of them around the underground and mainstream nowadays.What things drive the young musicians and fans to the 80’s and 90’s sound?
Well what drives them is its the best era! Hahah!! Um I don't mind as long as you don't pretend you are doing something new. Gruesome embraces they are a Death rip off and its done for a total appreciation for the band and Chuck. It’s great stuff. But if a band is doing it like they are thinking for themselves then sorry I’m not feelin it.

Do you have any tour plans for Perverseverance in Usa and Europe and etc.?
Nothing for the US right now, just some scattered shows. We will be back in Europe in May and Mexico July. Thats really about all for now. But the new year isn't even upon us so keep posted!

What does Perverserance mean for you?Who invented that word for your album title?
We came up with the name several years ago and I think the Idea was always to use it for an album title. I don’t remember exactly who came up with it. I think it was me… but it may have been Dave… or Jake… or even Garrett hahaha. I really don't remember. In a nutshell it’s meaning is just us forging on after all these years, doing what WE want and what we love!!

Quick question time!
a-Your first beer?when and how?:

still haven't had it… I don’t drink, never have. Never have had a desire. Don’t think I ever will
b-Favourite drink(s) :
No alcohol. Ill take craft sodas like cream sodas or something but thats rare too haha
c-Favourite gun(s) :
Hmm I am a big Glock shooter and AR-15 guy. I dunno if I have a favorite necessarily. One of the funnest I have shot was the MP5 but as long as it goes bang, I am prolly gonna like it
d-Favourite horror movie(s) :
Hands down, the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead. Always will be my favorite!
e-Favourite porn star(s) :
I don't pay attention to the “stars” porn is just an avenue to make you cum. As soon as thats done its off… names don't matter hahaha.

Where can fans buy your physical and digital copies of your new album?
Its available in multiple forms through the label; Metal Age Productions. As well as I-tunes for digital.

How do you want to finish our interview?Just desecrate the last words,please.
Thank you so much for the time and the support. Perverseverance is now upon us. Go check it out and find us at a show. Fucking Death Metal!

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