Hi Mille, first of all you, I am saluting a Metal legend. With your last album “Gods of Violence” perhaps you have created your most grown album which has, fluent as rapid as and melodical riffs, vocals challenging with years and also with uncompromising contrary attitude.What do you want to say about the last album “Gods of Violence” and its place in the carrier of Kreator?
I think it is one of our strongest records, up there with the last four.

Kreator had different musical practisings in the 80s young, productive and aggresive and 90s mainly experimental . You had prefered to have risk rather than keeping up the same style for years, however this was eligable for most of the thrash bands. What kind of positivity or gain you had got altough different musical definations were made for Kreator all those years?
We are musicians, first and foremost. That means, that we needed to explore different paths in order to get where we are today.

With the new millenium, Kreator had made a great uprising with a thrashmetal album “Violent Revolution” so that we may say a turnback to the roots. I suppose it was a decision which has given in that days (2000-2001)?
Violent Revolution combines the melodic approch of Endorama with our Thrash Metal rootss. For us it was the logical follow up.

You have waited 5 years to release the last album and as we understood that you have considered too much and paid attention for lots of balances altogether; The album consists of songs which had been considered too much and have style without repeating, melody, speed, technic and lyrics. With the exprience of all those years, the album had found it’s deserved place at the top of Germany’s music lists. Were you expecting this or by the trade aspect of “Gods of Violence” do you believe that it has the deserved place?
As an artist success doesn`t necesarely difine in albbum sales and chart positions. We wanted to make an exciting albbum for us and our fans. But it was cool to top the german charts, anyway. Without compromise!

Excellent triple videoclip had been shot for the album. Gods of Violence-Satan is Real-Totalitarian Terror. Darkness and Satan’s history is being explained in the Antique Age, the Medieval Age and the Modern Age. This triple videoclip session ends with the statue of Persephone over the dome of the Senate Building in Washington DC. What is your participation in this excellent explanation and idea?
It was a colaboration with the great people at Grupa 13. I had the idea to Show the history of evil from the ancient times until now.

First 2 videoclips have inspirations from the movies Mario Bava and The Witch. Nosferatu is the special topic for this issue and to you indeed to a Metal legend I’d like to ask, what do you think about Nosferatu and director F.W Murnau? Moreover what do you think about horror movies?
I love horror movies! I am a total nerd when it comes to that subject. Murnau is one of my all time fave directors, but there are too many to mention here 🙂

Horror movies are kind of moives which have irony in their sub-texts about lots of subjects. In general concept Kreator already depicts this both in lyrics and visuals, am I right?
Thank you! You are one of the few that seems to undersstand that aspect!

In the videoclip “Fallen Brother” there are lots of legends who are not on earth now, but 2 of them the most I was interested in were: Hans R. Giger and Michel Foucault. The previous issue’s special topic was Giger and dedicated to him. Foucault is an extremely deep intellectual, Giger is a surrealist artist who had created his own world. I am extremely wondering about the point why are these two person had been chosen?
I have choen a few people that have inspired me. If the video would have been longer, there would have been even more artisst, that you would not have expected in there ;-).

With the lyrics Kreator always been the contrary side of the thrash metal music. Kreator had been a reliable and respectful metal band with its anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anti-religious and anti-sexist aspect. I know that you don’t like talking in politics Mille, but with your contrary aspect, you are a proof for us that metal is not just a music. You prefer not to stay silent for the unrighteous and dark things for all over the world. What do you want to tell us for this?
Everyone that knows me, knows where I stand, politacaly. I am pro human race and anti racist, and sexist. To me, this is more comon sense then political statement.

Increasing human population and insatiable today’s people’s appitite and capitalist system which whips up this situation. The human and everything about humanity had been explainable with Misantropi nowadays. Is there still any hope for this world?
There is not only hope, but there is huge potential and a chance for a spiritual awakening! We should not give up on this idea!

What was the main reason that you had not performed any tour after Phantom Antichrist? In this month you will be on the way for the Europe and the North America tour and I am sure that you will have a comprehensive world wide tour. Am I right ? What would you like to say about your tour schedule?
It`s tough, but it is a lot of fun, too!

I am thankful for the interview and making this interview will be the most important moment of my entire life. For one last sentence what would you like to say for your Turkish fans and readers?
Thank you for your ssupport! We will come back to play for you again as soon as possible!

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