HELSLAVE ”Divination”

Black Metal Market – 2017 – Italy

HELSLAVE are from Italy. After a demo and a full-length cd in the year 2015 they released this year their second cd named “Divination“ via Black Metal Market.

A bloody musical rain hails down on the listener. Unbridled and fitted with with rigid hardness there is a full-service in the matter Death Metal from Sweden. Peppered with melodic insertion the guys partially display an incredible speed which is little short of breathtaking. Nevertheless, HELSLAVE are amazing variable and place now and then a little pause for breath. In addition the harsh growls of shouter Diego which leave no doubts about the direction. The neck muscle rotates here non-stop! Thereto the powerful riffs which leave no questions unanswered. The all in all four songs are full of life and energy. You can literally feel here hate and power. Who likes severe Black Metal of the Swedish school can grab here unhesitatingly!!!!


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