GRA ”Vasen”

Carnal Records – 2018 – Sweden

You actually need not to make many words about the band GRA´from Sweden. Since 2010 musically active, all band members do alongside also many other band projects as a sideline (for example DARK FUNERAL, CURSED 13). Their latest opus “Väsen“ was released on April, 27th 2018 with the help of Carnal Records.

Here is reved up from the first note on. Black Metal the way it should be. Still based on MAYHEM and also DARK FURNERAL the listener experienced here a full service in the matter of Old School Black Metal. Without any modern flourishes or excursions into other musical realms. Straight, raw and striking. A fireworks of emotions originates which seems to be unending and captures the listeners’ imagination. Worlds of mourning, ice and unending hate gape. A ticket without a return ticket which isn’t even intended. Emotionally charged harshness which continious consequently without descending into the Black Metal mishmash. The delightful powerful growls of Heljarmadr which are also to admire currently at DARK FUNERAL give additional energy, sustainability and aggressiveness. Sowith the sympathetic listener can revel at “Väsen“. An all around successful production which whets your appetite. Listen to the cd by all means. An absolutely must-by!!!!


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