FIRESPAWN ”The Reprobate”

Century Media – 2017 – Sweden

One of the most influental vocals of my musical genre is LG Petrov. After watching them alive at Unirock Fest in 2010, I was impressed with his vocal performance.Right now, he devastates this environment with Firespawn band. High-level and unique melodies, vocals breaking all rules of death and killer riffs are all can be found and discovered at this album delivering all for a death metal maniac. Honestly, a solid and a tough death metal album lies up ahead. With a demolishing intro by “serpent Of The Ocean”, the band continues to cause havoc with blood eagle and stunning Full Of Hate. Believing that this will be one of the killer albums of swedish death metal, taking their musical outcome to one step further. Damnatio ad Bestias and The Whitechapel Murderer will be catching you from your depths. Lg petrov and his crew Firespawn had really produced a death metal album that can be classified as a milestone. You will pass out wile listening to it, I guarantee…


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