ZORA ”Gore”

Bloodred Horizon Records – 2010 – Italy

3 people-band Zora, Italian band have 1 demo, 1 EP, 1 split and 1 album since 2003. The only ‘real’ album of the band “Gore”, if I’m not wrong, is recorded by the band itself in 2007 and published under label of Horizon Records last month.

Band does brutal death metal. You can hear some death/grind and thrash metal influences but generally, we call this beasty death metal.

It is rhytmic album, has variable tempo and stop&goes. Simple but effective guitar riffs. If the bass could be more feelable, it might charm me more about technic. Brutal vocals are simple, but guttural and scream vocals, with two vocals are very impressive.

My favourite in the album is “Escape”, and I liked the way it is connected to “PachidermiK”, the newly-popular thing is used in “PachidermiK”, you feel the song is over, there’s a silence and it starts again, but this is a little different, it feels more like an outro, album finishes with the outro.

If this album recorded in 2007 and recorded by a band formed in 2003, then it is successful in recording and brutal death metal genre. I’m sure band will make better things in the coming years, and they are in rush for another album now.


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