ZOMBIESLUT ”Undead Commando”

Rottenrolrex Recs – 2015 – Germany

The band ZOMBIESLUT is from Germany. Their already second opus “Undead Commando“ was released in November 2015 via Rotten Rol Rex.
This is no ordinary to be designed for hightech production. Actual Old School Death Metal resounds off my loudspeakers. A soundtrack which seems to be made straight for a horror movie. Classical Death Metal riffs which take full effect without any folderol and technical frippery come upon a strong-willed drumming which does anything, but superimposing. The forceful bass-lines as well as the dark growls fit in well into the musical horror scenario. Halting riffs reinforce darkness and strain. A through and through aggressive and dark, ear-piercing production. Thereby the gents display different high speeds. It is a bit relaxed by the skilful use of slower passages without blurring the harsh basic nature of the all in all eleven songs. Lyrically ZOMBIESLUT deliver a mixture of horror, zombies, sex, brutality and diseases. The whole gamut! Professional and primordial recorded offers “Undead Commando“ a full-service in the matter of Old School Death Metal!!!!


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