ZLOSLUT ”Zloslutni horizont – Donosilac prokletstva, očaja i smrti”

Dark Chant Productions – 2013 – Serbia

There are news from the house of ZLOSLUT. The Serbian 1-man project put a new EP called “Zloslutni horizont-Domosilac prokletstva, ocaja i smrti“ on the dark market.
Here is consequently continued the path taken. Black Metal through and through from the first to the last minute. Pitch-black and raw presented the listener is carried in icy, black worlds without any light and hope. Characterized by a powerful drumming and diversified Old School Black Metal riffs songs which contain hate and despite within themselves. Thereby they all move in the mid tempo area. An oppressive, cold atmosphere originates of which there seems to be no way out. The production is conscious kept primordial in order to reinforce the dark, emphatic character. ZLOSLUT did here everything properly! Listen to the four songs. It’s worth it!!!!


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