ZERO GRAVITY ”Holocaust Awaits”

Recently I took notice of another production from India. There is talk of ZERO GRAVITY. In November 2014 they put their debut cd “Holocaust Awaits“ via Transcending Obscurity on the market.
After a very spacy intro ZERO GRAVITY show the listener their true musical face: Death Metal. No more, no less. Powerful riffs which bring along energy and the necessary portion of rage are a mixture of modern and traditional Death Metal. The halting, partially abruptly chopped riffs reinforce and emphasize hate and anger. You can also hear the good old screaming guitars which gives it all an Old School complexion. Well dosed and structured you can hear here that the musicians knew exactly what they did and were also able to implement it. The very variable growls of frontwoman Kratika are thoroughly on a par with European role models. Parallels with bands like ARCH ENEMY indeed exist. But, ZERO GRAVITY nevertheless find their way to sound independent. The all in all nine songs literally blow the listeners’ brain away without thereby steadily move in highspeed realms. Diversified and professional recorded you should listen to “Holocaust Awaits“ by all means!!!!


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