WORMED ”Quasineutrality”

Pathologically Explicit – 2010 – Spain

Imagine the sound of Human Mincer and Defeated Sanity waging war in outer space and laying the solar system to waste and you’ll have a relative idea what this Spanish brutal death metal crew’s 2010 single (they actually have those in metal) Quasineutrality sounds like.

Unlike their gore-minded peers, Wormed have a cyberspace fetish. It shows in all aspects of Quasineutrality, from the futuristic album art to the song titles (Try “Uncoloured Plasma Orifices” and Undeciphering the Unquantificibality” on for size) to the lyrical references to space and quantum mechanics.

The music fits tightly with those themes as well. Production is cold, clear and immaculate. Drums pound with mechanical force and precision, running a whole gauntlet of blast beats, double-bass runs, gravity blasts, and quadruple-limbed fills. Vocals are deep, percussive, undecipherable lows. They doesn’t sound so much like toilet monster gurgles here as much as the hideous language of a malevolent cosmic entity. The riffs are precise as clockwork and when they’re not reducing your brain matter to Jamba Juice with their sheer technicality and unbridled speed, they’re collapsing planets in on themselves and conjuring black holes and devouring everything to kingdom-fucking-come. Like so many other bands, the songs only move forward, and never look back and repeat; once you’ve heard a section, you’re not going to hear it again unless you hit replay. Song structures descend from lurching, mind-bending technicality to crushing, fuck-all dissonant slams within seconds, and then shift back into fret-burning grinding without repeating a single riff. Wormed make such an inaccessible approach work for them, and annihilate their way through Quasineutrality’s nine-and-a-half minutes with frightening single-minded intensity.

Quasineutrality is top-tier brutal death metal – innovating, intelligent, visionary, and above all, utterly relentless. Get it.


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