WORMED ”Krighsu”

Seasons of Mist – 2016 – Spain

The sickest albums of 2016 born into scene savageley nowadays,some kick-ass bands battering on our scene, if we must be honest…One of them is the highlight for us,it is Spanish brutal death metal band,Wormed and their extraterrestrial album,Krighsu.It is called Brutal Death Metal but Wormed is not a classical brutal death metal band, it is the one of the very genuine and original ones if we make a list of top ten.A couple of years ago,they backed to scene with a solid album,Exodromos and now they have come back with Krighsu without loosing any sickest and genuine parts.Krighsu album has the same space and science fiction concept again,the original riffs of Wormed’s guitar work which created kick ass alienated moods can easily blast you off the space when you listen it,you can catch the moods of band’s concept in the sound annd fall into it.Wormed’s framework absoultely is the sickest moody guitar works and of course it is with one of the sickest brutal vocals on the earth,the deepwoods of sound with catchy blasts glued the mother ailenish sound and here you go into a endless universes…In the scene of brutal death metal,there are hundreds of of monotonous and well-played bands but Wormed is a bad-ass genuine band,I advise this album to everyone who wants to listen some original works.


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