WOLFUNERAL ”Reign of Decadence”

Nihil Interit Records – 2012 – Italy

It is the first edition of the Italian project of Stefano, the man who was in charge of everything on this album. Here’s a brief history Wolfuneral for those who have not yet heard of Wolfuneral. Stefano started Wolfuneral as a Dark Wave project and has recorded one album and two EPs in the Dark Wave style. Now he changed his style and plays Old School Black Metal. Moreover, this is the first regular edition Wolfuneral that has come through a publishing house. This album features 6 songs, one intro and one outro. The intro on the album draws on old Wolfuneral and sounds very spooky and the outro on the album is the complete opposite of the intro. The outro is very quiet. The first song on this album is a little too much traction because of the Old School Black Metal, the most ordinary way. It is good that this song is not representative of the album and the other songs are much better made​​, though in fact not much different. These other songs have very good ideas in it, and therefore they sound more mature than the “Intro” song. Reign of Decadence is a good example of this and this song has a keyboard in it that give a good extra flavor. My personal favorite on this album is “Absinthe” – the best of the album. It is slow and has in itself a riff that simply commits the listener ears. “Suicide calls”, the same song that goes one step further with a dark monotone choirs in the background. It seems to me that here is Stefano tried to combine new and old Wolfuneral in one song. Personally, I was still hard to get used to this new Wolfuneral the fact that I heard a long time Wolfuneral old, but I have to admit that this is not so bad.


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