Candlelight Records – 2012 – England

The second opus of the Englishman WODENSTHRONE is now finished! It is called “Curse“ and is released via Candlelight Records.

Here is celebrated Old School Black Metal. You feel straight relegated into the 90-ies from the first tone. But,don’t worry! WODENSTHRONE are no cover band. They are successful to be independent in spite of the attraction to the Norwegian Old School Black Metal. Melodic, very independent song structures which hijack the listener into bizarre, dark sound worlds. It develop all in all eight songs full of hate, despite, coldness as well as beauty by aggressive riffs which unite power and darkness. WODENSTHRONE are able to unite the divergence between Black Metal and melodies to an almost perfect symbiosis. Melodic parts change unbroken into darkest song elements and cohere. The emphatic growls support the general impression. WODENSTHRONE delivered with “Curse“ a strong piece Dark Metal. I can only recommend WODENSTHRONE!!!

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